Life Coaching: Rising Together

Life Coaching helps catalyze growth and change. After 3 years of working with a Co-Active* Certified Life Coach, I am working towards certification myself. And I need some volunteers to help me practice the tools I am learning! The first 30-minute sample session is free (with a slight catch of additional time to discuss some things). After that, paid sessions are 50 minutes.

The coaching process for each client and each session is unique in itself. To attempt to put this process in words would be an injustice. Clients can expect to be transformed. Growth can occur during the session and/or with the assignments clients are given between sessions.

If you are interested in a 30-minute sample life coaching session with me, please send me an email through gmail at: tiffanybeingfree or place your email address in the comments section. I will then send you a link to access my calendar for scheduling *this will also help me to test the features of the scheduling app. In return, “the catch” is that I request another 30-minutes of your time for us to discuss some of the finer facets of life coaching. If we both feel life coaching is for you, we can move forward with scheduling and discussing paid sessions at that time.

Sessions can either be through Skype or Google Meet using audio or video. So let me know if you are interested in learning more!

*The Co-Active Life Coaching approach uses a blend of “being” and “doing” to help facilitate the client, and even life coach, in achieving goals through personal growth. The coach is a Sherpa-like guide, where the client is the one who chooses the topic and final destination. This technique is unique in that the coach does NOT need to be a subject-matter expect on the client specific goals. Trust me, it’s amazing!

Why are we rushing?

This iMovie is an assignment from my own personal life coaching session.

While my tendency to rush has remained, it is less so after learning – repeatedly – to slow down. This is definitely an inside job!

It is through mindfulness and continually asking myself why I am rushing, taking a slow OUT breath followed by a slowing down of the in breath.

Daily meditation and almost daily yoga have also helped further my practice of slowing the eff down. It is a process in learning to trust myself.

All meaningful change begins within!

Be still and know…

Impact & The Big Picture

In my own life coaching session this weekend, I saw a glimpse of “the big picture” which is SO much bigger than I’d ever imagined. That the “personal problems” I’ve been focusing on are incredibly minuscule compared to what is coming in (meaning the potential for absolute greatness is SO much larger than the seed-like things I want to cling to and call issues).

The recipe that worked for me & for you to use and modify if you wish:

  1. Sit or lean back (feel where you are supported)
  2. Ground and center yourself (be as fully present as you can be in your body: feel, hear, see, smell, use all your senses and ffs feel your feet and your breath!)
  3. Allow yourself to be (all of it, including your humanness and human-mess – Zero spiritual bypassing nor “shoulding on yourself” is allowed here. Just be, ffs.)
  4. Feel the impact of ALL that you are (read that a few times and feel it, again ffs)
  5. Rinse & repeat – often

Literally, as I type this, my neighbor’s obnoxious af car alarm has sounded off for the 5th time since 3:30 AM (but who’s counting?). A perfect way for me to be sure I’m taking my own effing medicine. Namaste – now BE! 🕉🙏🏽🧎🏻‍♀️

Overcoming Emotional Overwhelm

Emotions are energy in motion. Their purpose is to move us, to spur us into action and even to experience empathy for others. Through fully experiencing our emotions, we learn discernment of what we want more of or less of in our lives. Meanwhile, when we stifle, suppress, ignore or deny our emotions, we become stagnate and create more of the same. The more we suppress how we feel, the more the emotions build and build until we can no longer push them down. “Resisting our feelings is like keeping a beach ball under water,” is a great analogy given by Michael Singer in “The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself.” It’s time to learn how to move through our emotions so that we can stop pushing that beach ball down; it’s effing exhausting.

When the feelings start to surface, practice being present with yourself and your environment: feel the ground, chair, couch or bed where you are being supported. Feel the clothing on your body or the temperature of the air on your skin. Then focus on something you can hear, or on something you can see. Feel how each breath changes direction, speed and even temperature as it moves in and out of your body. Each of these helps us to be present in the moment which supports us to experience the emotions without being as overwhelmed.

Next, identify the primary emotion(s) you are feeling. Feel where the emotion may be in your body. (Keep breathing, too). Then say to yourself, “I am experiencing this emotion of _____; it is only an emotion.” If it is more than one, it may be better to pick the top 2 and say them together, “I am experiencing the emotions of _____; they are only emotions.” This is a technique that is more fully illustrated here on Insight Timer by Lama Rod Owens in a wonderfully guided mediation that I highly recommend!

Other strategies that can help include physical movements. Creative expressions such as journaling, painting, drawing or sculpting – while still feeling the feels can also help us to move through them. It is important to feel them when they surface, not just to use the art as a distraction and instead as an outward expression of the emotions we are experiencing. Moving our bodies such as with stretching, dancing, walking or otherwise moving – again while feeling anything as it surfaces can also be supportive. It can help to ask ourselves what would be the best course of action in any given moment or circumstance. Today, I broke out the glitter and glue, it was an amazingly healing thing to do!

“We cannot selectively numb emotions, when we numb the painful emotions, we also numb the positive emotions,” says sociologist Brene Brown. Blocked emotions also block our creativity. As such, it is important for our healing, as individuals and as a human race, to learn to live with (instead of deny) our full emotional landscape. To continue to suppress and hide our emotions from ourselves keeps us stuck in our wounds and in our unwanted circumstances. Furthermore, hurt people hurt people. As such, the more we continue to allow our own wounds to fester, the more likely we are to knowingly or unknowingly wound others. “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind,” Mahatma Ghandi.

Learning a new skill and gaining confidence in it can require a guiding light at times. If we have survived traumatic* experiences or continue to be overwhelmed by the emotions we are feeling, it may be best to reach out and gain professional help. Counselors, Life Coaches and Ministers can help us get through the challenging waters. It is time to learn to deal instead of just cope, as 2020 is making damn sure that we have no where to hide.

Heal thyself, the whole world thanks you.

This post is the result of my own recent experiences of seeing where my unhealed issues were playing out in my relationships both in general and in one in particular. It is my hope that you will gain something here that can help you as it has me in moving forward in a more healthy, balanced and happy way.


* “The Body Keeps The Score” by Bessel van der Kolk is a phenomenal and comprehensive book on understanding how trauma can impact us deeply, as well as the research behind how to recover ourselves, our bodies and our minds.

Photo by ramy Kabalan on Pexels.com

How White People Can Put an End to Racism Starting Now

This is a post I had intended to write months ago. Overwhelmed by the cascade of emotions surrounding my own personal shame regarding racism, I froze and repeatedly pushed it to the back burner. The murder of George Floyd changed all of that for me. As a mother, I have felt the loss of a son who was tried and convicted on site – lynched even – when he was murdered in broad daylight by a white police officer who repeatedly ignored Floyd’s and by-standers’ pleas to allow Floyd to breathe. This conversation can no longer wait.

Racism is not an easy topic to digest nor to cover. Yet it is imperative that we begin to unpack the shame in a supportive and conducive way if we are to move forward in ending racism, period. Some of these terms may and should be triggering. Yet, we need to be able to use clear language, to hear and to see the things which make us uncomfortable; this is how we disempower shame – looking at something we’ve wanted to ignore and naming it for what it is. The goal here is social justice and social change, not comfort. Growth is not comfortable, yet it is needed for healing. Let us begin.

Owning, instead of denying, White Privilege & White Supremacy

Rachel Cargle of Revolution Now points out that in America, being white offers privileges and being a person of color has consequences. To continue to deny this racial divide is to continue to support racial inequality and this is a form violence, even when it is not overtly racist. To heal as a nation, each and every one of us needs to hold ourselves and one another accountable. To heal means to be vulnerable. To be vulnerable is not weakness, instead it is having the courage to look at ourselves and the inequalities we have knowingly and unknowingly supported.

To heal, we need to own our stories, as individuals and as a collective. To continue to run from and ignore these stories, supports systemic racism. We disempower ourselves when we allow our fears to prevent us from looking at our shame. There is shame in the knowledge that white Americans once owned slaves. There is continued shame, generations later, in actively and passively allowing the unequal power dynamic that was forged “way back when” to continue.

Today, white Americans can say we never owned slaves. Yet, most white Americans, even those who denounce the KKK, are white supremacists. Before recoiling, let’s define the term. White Supremacy, as defined by Brene Brown, PhD, “is the belief that in biological, emotional, and cognitive ways that white people are better than black people and people of color.” If you are white, can you unequivocally say that you believe that black people and people of color are equal to or better than you in biological, emotional and cognitive ways? If not, then it is absolutely imperative that you read on.

Mea culpa. It has taken me several months to come to terms with the discovery that several of my great-great grandfathers on both sides owned slaves. While I had found great pride in seeing several ancestors had fought in the American Revolution, I was incredibly dismayed when I discovered the repeated evidence that my ancestors owned slaves. I’ve been meaning to speak to this for some time now, and it has been my privilege as a white woman to push it away for another day. The murder of George Floyd ripped that band-aid clear off for me. My silence has only protected those who have been doing the killing.

Tiffany C.

In order to dismantle racism and build true equality, we must each own the past and present or it will continue to own and haunt us, creating continued discord into the future. To heal is to be vulnerable and as a society, we view vulnerability as weakness and as such we, as a whole, have avoided it. For instance, as a white person, I have had the privilege of not looking at my own role in supporting White Supremacy & White Privilege. In this FaceBook Live, Dr. Brown speaks directly to the need to own our stories. While this was filmed following The Charlottesville “Unite the Right” Counter-protests in August 2017, her points are just as relevant today. To own our stories, white Americans must see how privilege, perspective-taking & power play a role in supporting racism.

White Privilege

It is time for white people to see that the color of our skin and even our white names give us privileges and access that people of color, and names, do not have. This does NOT mean that white people are just handed things on a silver platter (which is usually the first argument people state). In terms of race, privilege means the granting of unearned rights and powers based on the color of one’s skin or, as we will soon see, even one’s given name.

In the latter half of his YouTube on White Privilege, Sociologist Rod Graham, PhD speaks to the research that supports the presence of white privilege in America. This research includes how applicants whose resumes were submitted with traditionally white names consistently received more call backs when compared to applicants with equivalent resumes who had traditionally minority and black names. Dr. Graham also cites research done where people of color were shown lower income homes by realtors when compared to white people with equivalent income factors. Rachel Cargle points out in her TedX talk that blacks with college degrees are offered the same level jobs as white high school drop outs. We can no longer conveniently afford to deny the racial divide exists. As Dr. Graham points out in the first half of his lecture, this goes beyond “The Invisible Backpack” and flesh-colored band-aids.


Dr. Brown notes that the “whiter, straighter, more middle-class, educated and Judeo-Christian” we are, the more likely we have been taught that our view, our perspective, of the world is the right one. Personally, I feel this is reinforced in all aspects of life where the majority of movies, media, books and all forms of advertisements predominately show the lives and stories of white people. To change this, we must begin to hear the perspectives of others without invalidating someone else’s experiences because they do not fit our world view. This requires compassion and empathy.

My life changed the moment I saw the innocence, vulnerability and humanity of George Floyd. The first image I saw of him on the ground shook me for his family, for in that moment I felt that this horrific image of that officer kneeling on Floyd’s neck would haunt them, because I knew it would also haunt me. Then hearing that he had called out to his mother, I began, and still do cry as if he were my own son. My “mother bear” came out of hibernation. To know that a son was murdered in such a way makes my blood boil. That right there was my turning point and I’m sad I did not arrive at this point sooner. 

Tiffany C.


Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. stated that power is the ability to affect change. In the FB Live linked above, Dr. Brown speaks to how feeling powerless is a very dangerous game as it “leads to violence, isolation, shame, and self-harm.” It is our belief in a lack of power, that power is finite and not infinite, that keeps us from feeling we can share power with everyone. “Power over” means the belief that to share power means to lose it. Power is not pie, to give a piece to someone else does not reduce our own power. Instead, “power with” shows we all have the ability to remain empowered and on equal terms, without one’s gain meaning someone else’s loss. Hint: “power with” is where we need to be.

White Supremacy & The Dehumanizing of People of Color

White Supremacy is at the very foundation of our country. Slavery could not have existed had those involved with it in any way believed that black people were just as human as they were. To kidnap, beat, enslave, buy, sell and trade people of color, those involved with the slave trade could not see Africans as being worthy of the same rights of themselves and their families. It is my belief that it is this very same principle of dehumanization that has promoted internment camps at our Mexico-US border, just as our country did in WWII with Japanese-Americans. 

To see all people as being human and thus having the same rights and access to wealth, irregardless of race, is one of the keys to choosing to think, believe and act differently. 

It is time to Stand UP

I must admit, I was slow to speak out about racism in America. It is an emotionally overwhelming topic, at best. Yet white people can no longer have the privilege to choose to sit idly by while racial injustices continue. White people, we must look at our roles in supporting this dynamic. If we are not actively speaking and acting out against racism, then we are part of the very system, KKK or not. Us feeling uncomfortable about looking at ourselves, our emotions, our feelings and our actions is preventing fellow humans from breathing both figuratively and literally. 

Change begins with accepting our roles and then committing both in our hearts and minds to not allow this racism in any form to continue. This is NOT about name calling, blaming nor shaming which would only serve to promote further polarization.

Instead, Rachel Cargle, a public academic, activist, writer and lecturer, advocates in her Public Address on Revolution: Revolution Now & in her TedX talk, that dismantling racism requires education, radical empathy and action. Education is finding the local anti-racist organizations who can use our support. Radical empathy is required so that we can heal and help others to heal, be heard and validated. Empathy is also required, especially when people disagree with our viewpoints. We can hold empathy even while we hold those with racist ideologies accountable, this includes our own selves. Racism is woven into the very fabric of our society, which means we can very easily be blinded to its presence, having been highly conditioned to accept it. Now it is time to question it! As such, action is required. We need to fight racism wherever we encounter it, much like we would any virus: in ourselves, our homes, our work and even in our choices as consumers. This work will only end when all people of color have the same rights in all areas of life, not just when white people feel better about ourselves and our roles. This is about power with. 

Further Discussion

What we need here is a safe place to express ourselves, it is then and only then that we can heal and move forward in power with one another. As such, I invite your input, feedback and critiques. However, I will not tolerate shaming, blaming nor name calling. As moderator for posts on this site, I will remove offensive language up to and including complete removal of posts. Shaming and blaming techniques will not be tolerated. 

Additional Resources:

Are you still not sure what to do as a white person? I strongly encourage you to read this post on Personal Growth & Working on Structural Racism from the Peace and Justice Action League of Spokane. It includes personal action steps we can take to end structural racism. 

Expanding Horizons

This world is filled with hurt people who, in turn, inevitably hurt others. Whether it’s done consciously or not, it is contagious. Each time we can remove the barriers we have created around our emotions, we free ourselves (and others) from mental and emotional slavery; even if only by degrees. In so doing, we become more resilient and flexible instead of stoic, hard and fragile AF; individually and as a species. In expanding beyond these confines, we also help free others to do the same. Please do your part to undo the harmful teachings of emotional suppression. Everyone needs you. Everyone. Today, I review a few strategies that you can add to your arsenal!

“We cannot selectively numb emotions, when we numb the painful emotions, we also numb the positive emotions,”

Brene Brown

In past posts, I’ve repeatedly described “diving into” an emotion to observe it and to alchemize it. Today’s strategy focuses on expansion, because Love is expansion where fear is a contraction; two ends of the same spectrum. To move from a state of feeling overwhelmed by our emotions to a state of freedom with the same emotions frees ourselves from the spell, allowing us to see and feel more clearly.

The technique is simple to describe and can be somewhat challenging, at first, to perform. After identifying a strong emotion, do a “search” of your body and find where the emotions “lives.” While loosely holding our inner vision on these areas, imagine expanding laterally (or in any other or in all directions). Continue to breathe, out and in (the exhale or out breath is where we release) as slowly and deeply as you are able. It may take a few breaths to feel relief or a sense of release. Do your best to stay with it for as long as possible. It may require a repeated effort if the emotional baggage is large (makes sense right, the larger the suit case the longer it can take to unpack!). It’s almost as if the emotional cloud just evaporates and we feel as we do after a torrential rain has passed.

Yes, I see where this all seems contradictory and confusing. I ask you to trust me and try it.  As any new skill can require some practice, you may find that at first you only gain traction with this technique by degrees; which is still better than the alternative: sitting there with all of the shitty feeling emotions festering within. Really, what have you got to lose? But wait, this next thing may just help you even more…

Another strategy is to imagine yourself rising above the emotions or situation as if you were in a helicopter. This helicopter technique, given to me by my Creative Life Coach, Samantha “Sam” Allen, was what lead to my discovering of the expansion process I outlined above. In that particular coaching session, I was feeling completely stuck in a contracted emotional state and the “rising above it” in a mental helicopter helped free me from my self-imprisonment almost immediately.

To break the cycle of emotional suppression, we must learn to employ varying strategies to free ourselves from the habit of contracting against our emotions; which will not kill us, in fact, emotional suppression leads to dis-ease. Who wants to live with that?! Not I!

Happy Expanding!!! I say, it’s better to expand the mind than it is the waistline!


Sidebar: Wish I had a good reason to share for why I have not posted in 6 months. The passion to write got lost somewhere in the mix of day-to-day, I suppose. I have also been working to distill observations and breakthroughs into memes on IG (@unfilteredheart77), on a more regular basis. It is my hope to publish at least one post a month in 2020.

photo credit: pixel

Mountain Meadow Escape: A Poem

A low hum drones on

New hums chime in

As the sun zeniths

And the temperature rises

A backdrop of song birds

Competing for air space

Chirps break the low drone

Then fade

Soft rolling hills

And a green glade

Large clouds one a swan

Another an alien ship

Move across the frame

My head twirls in all directions

Flowing up and down on drafts

Like the buzzards circling

On hot air currents

My body sinks down into the soft plastic chair

My feet resting on deck planks

Cracks rising up here and dropping there

Portals of vibration ebb and flow between my toes

The sparrow flies into its domain

While mocking birds stand sentry

Or turn their ears towards the sound of earthworms drumming

Mountain fresh air cleanses the lungs of smog,

The mind of excessive thinking

The slightly pungent and sweet smell of pasture grasses rise and fall on gentle breezes

Like a warm hug from a beloved friend

A moment I ne’er want to end

Unf#ck Your Brain, The Book

Unf#ck Your Brain by Faith G. Harper, PhD practically screamed my name when looking for something different to read while vacationing. Maybe it was the bright yellow cover or maybe it was just the title. Either way, I’m grateful as f#ck because this has turned out to be yet another one of those life-changing books.

Harper is a licensed professional counselor who uses a holistic approach to help readers and her clients understand the physical factors behind their brain-induced woes. She also understands and relates how unresolved trauma can set us each up for difficulties in our every day. Her analogies of how trauma affects the physiological functioning of the brain help readers to understand why we can perseverate and even feel like we’re losing our shit; and how to change it. Traumatic events can include witnessing an event where we feel helpless, it doesn’t only include trauma that we experience directly.

I also happen to love that she cusses, a lot, especially in the beginning. It actually helped me to more fully appreciate some of the humor behind how our brain processes trauma, especially compared to more scientific (and stuffy) descriptions of the same processes. While Harper doesn’t make light of trauma, her well-placed curse words and labels help call out the process in a way that helped me to lighten up. Such as when she calls the amygdala an asshole…. So if you don’t enjoy foul (or colorful) language, I’d say this book may not be for you.

In my new understanding of the neurology behind trauma, I also have more compassion for myself. For me, this always translates into more compassion for others.

She also offers many tools on how to overcome trauma, some of which I was familiar and have even mentioned in this blog. However, one tool alone was worth the price of admission for me. This was writing from the stories I have told myself instead of from the details and feelings evoked from the situations.

One example is how I have told myself that I am to blame for when others treat me poorly. While I have seen this pattern pan out in multiple areas in my life, writing this story out gave me a new perspective of it. Also, tying it directly back to the early sexual abuse helped me to uproot it.

Harper also shares her broad research and clinical experiences in this book. She shares that trauma-conscious therapy often helps to unravel the sources of depression, anxiety and even mental health disorders that most believe are medically-based.

So if you feel like your brain is f#cking you up or hijacking your life, I strongly recommend this book. If you read it and practice it, I can guarantee that you’ll see some positive shifts, and far more quickly and painlessly than traditional talk therapy. And if you don’t see shifts and you’ve done the work she outlines, then she shares that sometimes we need some outside help: from friends, from family or even from a trained professional.

I love that Harper shares tips on how to find the right professional, and what to do if you’re not seeing changes. She adds what pits to avoid, including feeling obligated to remain with someone who isn’t helping you.

As someone who has sought various mental health and counseling services over the decades, I wish I had had this trail-guide sooner. This is about therapy and getting better, not just regurgitating and reliving the hurt. Nor is it about staying with someone who isn’t helping us to move forward. I feel that bears repeating: this is about getting better, not just talking and reliving the fucking past.

May we each find and use the tools we need to shift our perspective of our wounded and hurt places. May we each rediscover the wholeness within, taking back our power and thus showing others the path to wholeness.


Dear U.S., Separating Kids from their Parents has got to stop!

This week I drove across my state while news continued to break about the refugee crisis at the southern border of the U.S. As I navigated the turns and traffic using GPS, without any loss of cell phone coverage, WAZE alerted me to various hazards including cops and roadkill while my kids slept comfortably in our Air-Conditioned late-model vehicle. Meanwhile, South & Central American parents are taking extreme measures to get themselves and their children to safety: crossing rivers of unknown depth, crossing deserts with countless hazards, and entrusting their lives with complete strangers. While some parents are sending their kids out on this dangerous journey alone, and other parents are being separated from their children at the US border.  As a North American, I am privileged to travel easily and effortlessly, in A.C. and out of my own will, instead of out of fear.

When we stopped to get groceries, still within our state where everyone around was speaking our same language, my pre-teen daughter stayed close by, preferring to stay in eyesight instead of going over even one aisle to fetch this or that; she wanted us to stay together as a unit. Here, where my daughter wants to remain close, South and Central American children are being separated from their parents, their vehicles of survival. And to boot, these children have little to no adult supervision, nor are their basic human needs being met. Meanwhile my kids have the privilege of fighting over which dessert treat to get!

At border camps, non-North American children that are my kids’ ages are caring for other, younger children. Because their parents, their primary protectors, have been taken away from them. Seriously, what is wrong with this picture? Children are being treated worse than convicted criminals!

Meanwhile, I was lucky enough to be born in The United States of America and not Central nor South America where drug cartels are more powerful and deadly than their governments. And I write this from the comfort of an air conditioned room while on holiday/vacation, where I am able to hear, see and reach out to my children when they need, for I am a privileged North American.

It is my privilege to be unable to fathom the circumstances behind wanting to flee one’s Homeland; crossing deserts, racing rivers and trusting coyotes to get my children to a place of safety. My biggest concern today is when we’re going to leave to get breakfast, when one wants to leave now and the other wants to finish her drawing…

So I’ve used my privilege to donate money to legal efforts to stop this nonsense of separating vulnerable and defenseless children from their parents. Together Rising puts 100% of donations to their causes, as their admin costs are covered by the authors Brene Brown, Elizabeth Gilbert, and Cheryl Strayed.

I’ve also used my privilege to pray my ass off for the geo-political climate to positively change and stop this humanitarian crisis, and others like it, from continuing to happen. I also pray that my children nor I ever know this pain of being forcefully separated. Finally, I pray that each of you will donate and pray for the same, or better.

In November, I’m also going to be using my American-assed privilege to vote.

Please join in helping make this world a better place for our children, for they are our future. May every child, regardless of where they are born, have the privilege to remain safe in their own homes, countries and remain with their families, at least until they are adults and get to choose.


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